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Web Designer/Web Developer/WordPress Developer

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I have 2 years of experience in developing various websites from scratch and by use of CMS such as WordPress. I'm extremely passionate about coding and in many ways, websites are my first love. I pay attention to details and I work to produce quality work on any assignment given. My ability to follow instructions helps me to produce quality work as well as satisfy the needs of my clients.

My skills and experiences:

  • HTML, CSS, Bootstrap, Jquery and Javascript for font-end web development.
  • PHP, Laravel and MYSQL for back-end web development.
  • XML, Java, Android Studio and Firebase for android apps development
  • Logo Designs & Branding
  • SEO and WordPress


I won't even lie, as a developer, my life revolves around my laptop. Take it away for a day and i'd be basically crippled...

...from writing and testing codes, taking online courses, planning my weekly shedule and to keep lines of communication open.
Having a laptop with proper specs is an important part of my workflow.

Charles Kairu

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